childcare providers that can become a part of your family and are available to provide in-home care based on your schedule.
A nanny can assist with a range of tasks, including pick-up and drop off at school and extracurricular activities, homework help, meal prep, playtime, and more. They work personally with your family and are there to make your family life as stress-free as possible.

All our nannies are fully screened and have passed a criminal background check, a civil background check, social security number verification, driving record check, and are CPR and First Aid certified for infants and children. We conduct interviews as well as reference screening, and all our nannies are required to have a minimum of 2-years of experience. Our nannies are hand-selected to meet your needs.
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When you book a sitter with Guardian Angels, you are getting a fully vetted, professional that can jump right in to help keep your children/pet/family member happy, supervised, and safe at all times. All our sitters go through a screening process which includes an in-depth agency interview process, 6 professional and childcare references, plus a full and clear, up-to-date background checks, and CPR/First Aid Certification.
Full-Time, Part-Time, live-in, Short Term and Overnight Nanny


Initial consultation
We start with a “get to know you” call to make sure we feel our agency will be successful in finding a great match for your family. Then we will work with your family to source, screen, and match potential candidates for you to interview.
Processing Fee
Once we determine we are a good fit to work with your family, a non-refundable deposit of $250 is due for us to start sourcing candidates for the position.
Nanny interview process
We will send you nanny profiles to review and will schedule in person interviews with the nanny candidates we have presented. All nannies will be pre-screened by the agency. We will make sure they meet all agency requirements as well as the requirements of the family.
Contract meeting
We will meet with the Nanny and the Family to create an agreement that will be signed by both parties. We will assist in setting you up for a successful relationship with your nanny by helping put together a work agreement and a Nanny/Family employment contract.
Employment Contract
We will put together an outline of the nanny’s job responsibilities, pay, benefits and other details of the family’s position. Once drafted the contract is given to the family and nanny to review and edit before it becomes an official document. A contract meeting will be arranged to go over the contract with you and the new nanny.

We will also discuss a variety of topics to make sure that all aspects are clearly covered. A full-time and overnight nanny typically works 30+ hours a week and the salary and benefits for the nanny is negotiated by the family. Short Term Nannies are typically needed for 3 months or less and fees can be paid weekly or hourly depending on the number of hours needed.
Trial day
Once you have narrowed it down to your top choice, we will schedule a trial day for the nanny to come and spend a few hours with your family to ensure it is a good match for both of you.
Nanny placement fee is due
Once an offer has been accepted and all of the nannies documentation has been received, verified and the contract is signed, the placement fee is due. This fee must be paid before the scheduled start date.
Start enjoying the benefits of a professional nanny
Once you have hired the nanny, you are the nanny’s employer and all scheduling, pay and taxes, etc are done between you and the nanny. We are always here for ongoing support if you have questions or if any issues arise.



$250 non-refundable processing fee
$750 Placement Fee for Full-Time and Overnight nannies
$500 for Part-Time and Short-Term Nannies

Our promise to you: We offer a 60-day guarantee. If for some reason your nanny doesn’t work out in the first 60 days, we will find you a replacement for no additional charge. Back-Up Care
Hourly Rates
Nanny hourly rates vary depending on the nanny’s experience/education, the job requirements, the living situation (live-in or live-out), and the number and ages of children. This is what we are currently seeing in this area for long-term position. Please note that the market is shifting quickly due to demand and these rates are subject to change with those shifts.


1 Year of Experience
2-5 Years of Experience
5-10+ Years of Experience


$2-$5/more per hour

Nanny/Household Manager/Family Assistant

1 Year of Experience
2-5 Years of Experience
5-10+ Years of Experience

*Dependent on Responsibilities

Newborn Care Providers

$35-95 per hour
+ Travel costs, room, and board.
These rates (FT & PT Nannies) are based on care for 1-2 children. For more children, you should expect to add $2-$4 per hour. If you are looking to do a “Nanny Share” (where families want to combine to share the cost of the nanny), you should look to add $8-10/hour to the rates above.
Federal law does not permit nannies to be salaried. Nannies must have an hourly wage and any hours worked over 40 hours in a 7-day work week is paid at a rate of time and a half. We also want you to know the importance of adding benefits to compensation packages. These are important for securing a nanny for long term.

Your next question may be “So what do I do if my nanny is sick or going on vacation, and is not able to work?” We offer a backup nanny service to our clients, where we will send a fully pre-screened back-up nanny to your home in your nanny’s absence. Our backup placement fee is charged at the $25.00 rate. The family is then responsible for paying the backup nanny directly at $20.00 dollars plus an hour, depending on the number of children.


Use Our Screening Services

Did you find a nanny or babysitter on your own, but want the security of knowing they have been screened?
It can be uncomfortable asking a lot of difficult questions, and obtaining personal information from someone you already know, or maybe you just don’t have the time to track down previous employers, contact references, and map out your childcare candidate’s past. It is this ‘detective work’ that is one of the most important aspects of the nanny placement process.

We can professionally screen your current nanny or childcare candidates so that you can be at ease. For $250 (50% deposit upon signing up) your nanny or childcare candidate will go through a personal interview, childcare questionnaire, verification of employment and education, along with the rest of our in-depth screening process and a drug test can be administered for an additional fee.
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We value each nanny we work with and only place the most qualified nannies. We are dedicated to professionalism and are members of APNA and INA. This enables us to stay up to date on the industry, so we can make quality placements. We also want our nannies thrive and grow in their career for years to come. Whether nannies work directly with Guardian Angels (Nannies are employees of the family) we are here to support and advocate for you and them 100%, (and to cheer you on) as you find a wonderful new family to nanny for.
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