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Wathing Over All That Matters and Trusted by Families Since 2009
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Meet The Founders of Guardian Angels Sitting Service

We are Mothers who realized the day our babies were born that nothing is more precious and fragile in this life then our children. We realized what a true blessing children are and the extent that they must be watched over to ensure that they are safe each and every day.

Melissa and ChristinaWe are sisters who are blessed to be surrounded by family members able to help us with our children when the need arises. Melissa is the mother of a sweet child who was born at just 1 pound 14 ounces and has since grown into a healthy, active, teenage boy. Christina now has three children. The oldest is also a sweet, affectionate child with lots of energy! He was blessed with a baby brother and life long best friend, who is just 2 years younger. The boys are as different as can be in looks and personality, but one thing they have in common is that they love each other immensely. The boys welcomed their baby sister in January of 2012 and have loved every minute of being big brothers! She has been an absolute angel and loves the sound of her brothers voices singing to her. In 2015 we all welcomed the littlest brother. In eleven years our children have never been left with anyone other than family or very close friends. The reason being that no childcare agency held the standards that we were looking for. No babysitter that we could find would come with a guarantee that our children would be in the very best hands. We soon realized that many average babysitters do not know CPR. Many do not know what to do if our children were to begin choking. We realized how little you really know about someone that you trust your child with.

Because you are literally trusting in their hands all that matters to you, we decided to start our own agency where our high standards and level of care that we expected would be upheld. An agency that did extensive background checks and required CPR certifications. An agency that carefully hand selected sitters who were responsible, interactive, creative and had a love for children. An agency that felt like family so that even we would leave our own children with the sitters that we would welcome to Guardian Angels Sitting Service.

Christina has been a Physical Therapist since 1996 and has spent the last few years doing home-care in the Cape May County area. Going into the homes of the elderly made her realize that there was a huge need for sitters for the elderly as well as children. Some patients were very lonely and just wanted or needed company while others just needed simple errands done for them. She would find herself on a regular basis going to the post office or going to get grocery items for her patients. She even would occasionally stop back to see them to have tea, just to give them a little company in addition to their usual Physical Therapy visit. For this reason we decided to add sitting with the elderly when we began Guardian Angels Sitting Service, in hopes that we could help those in need of simple pleasures like going for a walk or having a friend to talk to, or even someone to stay close by when being alone is not a safe option.

We both grew up with a lot of pets…. snakes, cats, fish, turtles, rabbits, iguanas, and many dogs from childhood, into college and now. Christina even had a Chimpanzee at her sons first birthday, hoping to instill in him at a young age, a love for all creatures great and small. Christina and her family currently have a Saint Bernard named Romeo. He is two years old and about 150 pounds of pure love and mischief. He is a BIG part of the family and we can't imagine life without him. Melissa and her son have fish and a Turtle named Sammy. They have raised the turtle from a very small baby and it is really cool to watch him grow and grow. We know firsthand that it is not easy to find someone that you can trust to come into your home while you are on vacation and take care of your pets. Feeling that it is best for your pets to stay in the comfort of their own home, in familiar surroundings vs. going to a kennel, gave us the idea to also include our friends with fins, feathers and fur in our service as well, hand selecting sitters who love animals as much as we do.

No matter who you are trusting with Guardian Angels Sitting Service, you can feel assured that what matters most to you will be taken care of as if they were our own. You can feel assured that with our agency, in your absence, your loved one will have a Guardian Angel of their very own!

Melissa Monge & Christina Walls
Founders of Guardian Angels Sitting Service, LLC

Guardian Angels - Babysitting, Pet Sitting, Elderly Companionship

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