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Group/Event/Wedding Childcare Rates and Fees

Type of Booking
Daily: Valid for the date of the job only.
Weekly: Valid for seven (7) consecutive days from the first date requested.
Monthly:  Valid for thirty (30) consecutive days from the first date requested.
Annual: Valid for one year from the first date requested. Example- an Annual Membership is purchased on June 30th, 2009 , but 1st date of service used is  July 13, 2009 then the membership will expire July 13, 2010. Annual Members are entitled to overnight referrals.

(1) Sitter will be referred for every (5) children (depending on age- agency will use discretion with younger children, infants or young toddlers and may require (2) sitters per (5) children in these cases).

An upfront booking fee per sitter is required to hold and book sitters for your date and time. It is non-refundable and paid at the time the group application is submitted or contract is signed.

Group/Event/Wedding Booking rates (per sitter): Daily: $20; Weekly: $45; Wedding Sitter: $25; Annual Membership $300

For ongoing events booking fees will be determined in a proposal.

Group/Event/Wedding: Hourly rate (per sitter): $22/hr
Group/Event/Wedding: Holiday Hourly Rate: $26/hr

Annual Member Group/Wedding/Event: Hourly Rate: $18 an hour
Annual Member Holiday Group/Event Wedding: Hourly Rate: $22 an hour

Group/Event/Wedding Hourly rates for weddings, large or multiple family groups, are subject to change, depending on the number and ages of the children and depending on the ratio of child to sitter.

Transportation/Mileage and Parking Fees*: Paid to the sitter in Cash; Sitter will make family aware of parking fees if applicable. 
Mileage - .25/mile (paid to sitter) up to $10 max/job plus parking or if a gate fee is applied. 
*In some of our locations; ride sharing fees may be charged, due to the location or parking situation of the job; 
an additional mileage fee may need to be added due to the distance of the location or 
a parking fee or gate fee may be required. All of these expenses will need to be reimbursed to the sitter.

Payment For Group/Event/Wedding Childcare:
Guardian Angels Sitting Service requires that all members keep a major credit card on file. All major credit cards are accepted. Guardian Angels will charge all booking and agency fees to the Credit Card on file. Please be sure that your CC information is entered correctly and that you always have a current, valid credit card on file for agency charges. Declined Credit Card transactions will incur a $5 charge per declined transaction for all members. If valid credit card information is not received and payment is not received by the agency within 30 days of transaction decline, member will be sent to a collection agency and legal action will be taken to recover the amount due to the agency.

Same day/ after hours-booking fee: Additional $10 charge for same day bookings when application is received during office hours.  For last minute bookings after business hours, on holidays and on Weekends an additional $15 will be charged.

Toy Fee : The toy fee covers all age appropriate toys, activities, board games and coloring supplies. If necessary for infants, the fee includes the use of pack and plays, changing pads, sheets, blankets and sanitary supplies. The fee also covers the transportation and mileage of the supplies, to and from the event. The final number of children booked for the group, will determine the toy fee. If a separate craft is requested, an additional fee will be required.

Holidays: New Year's Eve, New Year's Day, President's Day (Observed), Valentine’s Day, St Patrick’s Day, Good Friday, Easter Sunday, Memorial Day, (Observed), Mother's Day, Father's Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day

Many families ask about gratuity. Gratuity is always left up to your discretion and is not mandatory, however, it is customary and very much appreciated by our sitters. Families tip sitters anywhere from $5-$150 depending on the length of time they are with the family and how pleased the family is with the sitter.

Method of Payment - Before a job takes place
Guardian Angels Sitting Service requires that all families submit application with a major credit card to keep on file.  All major credit cards are accepted for booking fees and agency hourly fees.

Cancellation Policy:
If the member cancels by voicemail or email within 24 hours of the start time of the job Guardian Angels will collect the entire four-hour minimum for both the agency and sitter. If a member "no shows" and is not at the hotel or residence upon the sitter arrival and does not "show" within 15 minutes of arrival, the full booking fee, mileage of $10 max and hourly rate for the sitter and agency for the amount of children requested, will be charged to the credit card on file. If member cancels prior to 24 hours of the start time there will be no charge. If member cancels through the sitter and

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